Cool Science


Cold is the absence of heat.
Wednesday, July 10 - Saturday, July 13 

Activities for each day - PDF

Come into the museum to get out of the heat and experience some really cool science.  We’ll explore the concept of cold through hands-on experiments and engaging demonstrations.  This year we’ve also tossed in some cool summer favorites, like bubble play, Dynamo’s birthday and fun building challenges. 

We kick off Cool Science with a birthday party for Dynamo, who is celebrating his 8th birthday on July 10 and end Cool Science with a free Star Party for the community which begins at dusk on July 13.

Additionally, guests will get to experience the following each day:

  • Extreme Cold Demonstrations
    Stop by the Innovations Studios for demonstrations using liquid nitrogen or dry ice.

  • Play with “Snow”
    Get your hands into some really cool instant snow each afternoon. Who knew polymers could be so fun?

  • Afternoon Melt-Down
    Find ways to save a Popsicle from melting on a hot summer afternoon-those who are successful get to eat their results.

  • To Freeze, or not to Freeze? The Anatomy of a Spacesuit
    Learn how astronauts keep warm in the void of outer space from the Noble Planetarium staff.  

  • Icy Experimentations
    Spend time experimenting with one of the most unusual substance on the planet with Museum educators

Fun Fact
The Museum's Noble Planetarium was the first planetarium to be named after a female astronomer, Charlie Mary Noble, a Fort Worth educator of math and astronomy.

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