What’s Up in Innovation Studios?

Maker Studio

This summer, Inventor Studio is becoming the Maker Studio. Join us for a summer of maker activities in the studio on select days beginning June 19th through August 14th.

For more information about this summer's maker activities, the Maker Studio and Maker Camps click here.


IMAGINER - Tinker!
Imaginer Studio is filled with unusual and interesting building challenges using traditional and not-so-traditional materials.

Continuing with its popular light, color, and shadows theme, Designer Studio sparkles and gleams with opportunities for luminous explorations.

DOODLER- Create!
Design and create art projects of your own inspiration using art-making methods from drawing to collage.


Eric Olson, engineer and the Museum’s Volunteer Keva builder, recently created a new sculpture for the studios.  Check out their time lapse video.


Studio Hero

Fun Fact
The OMNI Theater's projector, housed beneath the seats, is 6 feet tall and weights 1 ton.

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