What’s Up in Innovation Studios?

IckFest 2015

Main Event: Saturday, Oct. 31st from 10 AM - 4 PM
Homeschool Afternoon: Friday, Oct. 30th from 1 - 4 PM

Check out these awesome ooey-gooey, icky-sticky, creepy crawly activities happening in Innovation Studios!

•     OUCH!- Try making your own fake wounds out of household supplies good enough to fool your family & friends.

•     Dead or Alive?- Reach into our secret touch boxes and see if you can tell if what’s inside is dead or alive… if you dare!

•     Slime Time- Learn about three types of polymers, cool substances that are slimey, stretchy fun.

•     Pumpkin Decorating- Try carving or decorating your own foam pumpkins.

•     Ghost Gliders- Enjoy a “spooky” themed Air Park with special ghost and goblin inspired flying contraptions and cool Halloween colors.

•     Tattoodles- Check out Doodler Studio where you can put on your own temporary Halloween or Icky Tattoos or draw your own with face paints.

•     Creepy Crawly Collections- Meet some of the creepiest collection pieces at the museum!

All activities are included with regular museum admission & are suitable for all ages!


Saturday, October 31 from 1 – 4 PM

Join us during Ick Fest for Ick-Or-Treating at the Museum

  • Wear your Halloween Costume! 

  • Look for special stations throughout the building and grab some halloween goodies

  • Dynamo will be joining us in his Halloween costume, too!

  • $1 off admission for juniors (12 and under) dressed in costume

  • Please no masks or weapons. 

  • Halloween goodies available while supplies last 

Lil’ IckFest!

Friday, Oct. 30th from 10 AM – 1 PM

Activities for Lil’ IckFest are designed for kids ages 6 & under!

Have fun playing with slime, create your own Tattoodle, and make Ghost Gliders that soar through the sky. Then, take a moment to meet the Creepy Crawly Collections of the museum up close and personal. You’ll also get to see special pumpkin carving demonstrations and have interactive Halloween Science Storytime. Feel free to dress up in your spooky (not scary) costume and everyone gets a special Halloween sweet treat. Yum!


For more information about IckFest or Lil' IckFest, click here.

IMAGINER - Tinker!

Imaginer Studio is filled with unusual and interesting building challenges using traditional and not-so-traditional materials.

Continuing with its popular light, color, and shadows theme, Designer Studio sparkles and gleams with opportunities for luminous explorations.

DOODLER- Create!
Design and create art projects of your own inspiration using art-making methods from drawing to collage.



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