The Lone Star Dinosaur online experience showcases five new species discovered over the past two decades. Remarkably all of these creatures, including two that have yet to be named, were found within an hour drive of the Museum.

Finding dinosaur remains begins with looking at the right kind and right age rock. For instance, Early Cretaceous marine rock won’t have dinosaur bones because dinosaurs were not marine creatures. They were land animals.

So what makes this area such a treasure trove for bones? Texas is one of very few places in the world where the rocks from the Early Cretaceous Period containing dinosaurs are exposed to the surface of the earth. The Lone Star State has wonderful sequences of dinosaur-bearing rocks from that time period, and they are accessible because the stack of layers tilts ever so slightly to the southeast.

The stories behind each of the dinosaur discoveries in this area are as unique as the species themselves.  From a seven-year-old on an outing with his dad to a bridge inspector just doing his job, the Museum has captured each event in photos and words so you can be part of the journey of discovery.


Fun Fact
A typical large format (aka IMAX) 45-minute film costs about 6 million dollars to make.

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