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  Dr. Catherine Spann

  Research Scientist, Social and Affective Computing

  University of Texas at Arlington

 Dr. Catherine Spann serves as Research Scientist: Social and Affective Computing in LINK Research Lab ​ at the University of    Texas at Arlington​ . She earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Georgia in 2010 and her Ph.D. in    Experimental Psychology from UTA in 2016. Catherine’s research focuses on the role of contemplative practices in mental and    physical health and general well-being, exploring the psychophysiological impact of such practices. She has led numerous    research studies in controlled lab settings, museums, and classrooms with both children and adults on the topic of mindfulness    and self-regulation. Her research engages in wearable and mobile technologies in order to increase understanding of the      physiological and psychological factors that lead to wellness and successful learning.





 Dr. Sarah Hil


 Texas Christian University

 Dr. Sarah Hill is a social psychologist from who uses a biological approach to to explore how a person’s environment -          whether their childhood environment, their adult environment, or their physiological environment – influences their    behavior. She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin in 2006, and is currently an Associate Professor of      Experimental Psychology at Texas Christian University. Dr. Hill is most interested in understanding how stress influences      health and health-related behaviors (for example eating behaviors) and how health influences the decisions we make.






 Randi Leyva-Proffitt


 Texas Christian University

 Randi Proffitt Leyva is a PhD student at TCU working with Dr. Sarah Hill. Her primary lines of research include using  principles of Life History Theory to better understand common health issues such as blood sugar regulation and eating  in the absence of hunger in diverse populations. She is also interested in the impact adverse childhood environments  such as poverty, father absence, and disease threat have on behavioral and reproductive outcomes.

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