SKYLINE for December 2014

Compiled by the Noble Planetarium Staff

Upcoming Sky Events

Here comes the colder weather, and with it the clearer skies! Or at least that’s an astronomer’s greatest hope. With the colder weather, the atmosphere becomes a lot clearer and calmer skies. So if the clouds keep clear, this can mean better sky viewing for all!  One beautiful thing to view in the sky over the month of December is the Orion Nebula. The Orion Nebula is easy to find, just look below the three star belt of Orion rising in the East in the early evening, and the fuzzy patch you find is the nebula! Happy Sky Watching!

Our next Star Party is not until March 2015

Fort Worth Astronomical Society

This local group will help you find the answers to all your astronomy related questions.  Come meet them on:

Look online on their webpage:

Noble PlanetariumWhat's happening in the Planetarium?

Our Moon Mythbusting show premiered Thanksgiving week and will be playing till the week of Christmas.

Our Christmas Star show will premier the week of Christmas!

Look online for details about these shows:

Planetary Postings

  • Venus & Mercury –Venus will be faded from view in the Sun’s light for all of December.   

  • Mars – Can be found in the west just over the horizon after sunset.

  • Jupiter – Will be visible in the east in the early morning sky by the constellation of Leo the lion. It will stay there all month.

  • Saturn - Is returning to the pre-dawn sky early this month.

Lunar Line-up:             

Full Moon:           December 6

Last Quarter:      December 14

New Moon:         December 22

First Quarter:      December 29

Star Parties return in March 2015


If you would like a fun way to navigate the night sky just go to: Uncle Al provides free and easy to use star wheels that you can download and print at home.

For more information about the night sky, contact the Noble Planetarium at 817-255-9409 or

Fun Fact
Every year, the Museum provides almost 200,000 hours of science and social studies education for Texas students.

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