SKYLINE for April 2014

Compiled by the Noble Planetarium Staff

Upcoming Sky Events

The better weather is on its way, and so is the early summer sky. As we get into the months of April and May we transition slowly into the sky we will see all summer long. This means the constellation of Orion is making its farewell, so catch it while you can this April.

Our next Star Party is:
April 5, 2014
 Sunset till 11 p.m.
Location:  Fort Worth Museum of Science and History South Parking Lot.

Fort Worth Astronomical Society

This local group will help you find the answers to all your astronomy related questions. Come meet them this month.

April 15, 2014
7:00 PM
UNT Health Sci. Center Rm 110
Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

What's happening in the Planetarium?

Public Planetarium presentations are now included in each Museum Exhibits Admission Fee. The Planetarium is open daily.Two Small Pieces of Glass

Two Small Pieces of Glass
Follow two students as they learn how the telescope has helped us understand our place in space.

IBEX stands for the Interstellar Boundary Explorer. This mission has helped us to better understand where our solar system ends, and where the rest of the Milky Way galaxy begins.

Planetary Postings

  • Venus & Mercury – Venus will rise early in the morning sky, but midway through the month will go the way of Mercury, and disappear from our skies for a little while.

  • Mars – Rises late in the constellation of Virgo, not far from Saturn in the constellation of Libra. The Moon and Mars will sit side by side on April 14th and 15th.

  • Jupiter – Rises in the constellation of Gemini in the early evening. In fact, Jupiter will be hanging out by Gemini until we lose sight of it in mid June.  Jupiter and the Moon will sit side by side on April 5th, 6th, and 7th.

  • Saturn – Will rise in the constellation of Libra not long after Mars in the morning sky.  

Lunar Line-up:             

First Quarter:      April 7

Full Moon:           April 15

Last Quarter:      April 22

New Moon:         April 29

Star Parties for 2014

Sunset till 11 p.m. in the Museum's South Parking lot except in October.

March 8 | April 5 | May 10 | June 7 | July 5 | August 2 | September 6 | October 4, Stars over Euless | November 1

If you would like a fun way to navigate the night sky just go to: Uncle Al provides free and easy to use star wheels that you can download and print at home.

For more information about the night sky, contact the Noble Planetarium at 817-255-9409 or

Fun Fact
A typical large format (aka IMAX) 45-minute film costs about 6 million dollars to make.

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