What’s Up in Innovation Studios?

New Lego Robotics Workshops!

Enroll in our new Lego Robotics workshops! Click here for information - PDF

November’s featured activities include  duct-tape turkeys, stomp rockets, cartouche-making, lasso physics, Makey-Makey pianos and daily MythBuster’s challenges! Birthday honorees  include Roy Rogers, Marie Curie and John Philip Sousa.  For dates, times and activities visit our Calendar of Events

IMAGINER - Tinker!
Imaginer Studio is filled with unusual and interesting building challenges using traditional and not-so-traditional materials.

Continuing with its popular light, color, and shadows theme, Designer Studio sparkles and gleams with opportunities for luminous explorations.

DOODLER- Create!
Design and create art projects of your own inspiration using art-making methods from drawing to collage.


Eric Olson, engineer and the Museum’s Volunteer Keva builder, recently created a new sculpture for the studios.  Check out their time lapse video.

Fun Fact
Every year, the Museum provides almost 200,000 hours of science and social studies education for Texas students.

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